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Are we looking at a self-portrait here? Or is it a family member? From a previous generation possible? After all generation is also a form of relationship. Or is the relationship simply the front and back of this Pastoe chair designed by Cees Braakman?

Mixed zone

A chair in two frames or ….

Lie back


I already made Pinocchio pulling a long nose. Looking at the opponent, the surprise is no less. Who is lying?

Braakman’s gaze


One can see this as a kind of cartoon for on the wall: The making of the SB01 by Cees Braakman in the Pastoe factory in the 1960s. The four-panel work also unites earlier ideas such as one of the Portraits (sold), Pinocchio and Lie back and in that sense also tells another story.



A meeting between Cees Braakman’s SB01 and an updated version of this model.

Looking back


The series of luxury cassettes for the book All in the family has found its youngest offshoot. Do not misunderstand the black area in your back, you will just give yourself a look.

Unlock II


A variation on Unlock that comes with the key, which should make the escape possible.



Starting point was the backrest, which actually forms a kind of frame for this type of chair. Building on that thought, this is the result. A more or less complete reversal. A frame that frames and protects a drawing and above it an empty sheet of paper which is just as well protected by a drawn frame. Who protects this list here?

Swing II


Drawing and frame together create a new connection here. The swing is attached to the top of the recessed frame and comes out of the paper.

Familyportrait II


A portrait of my own family by using four chairs by Cees Braakman (for Pastoe). Spatially placed in a sunken frame, which makes it a viewing box.



(Not for sale)

A common school chair with a recess in the back as a handle. And a colleague with a striking mustache who has delivered art projects for almost thirty years at hundreds of schools throughout Noord-Brabant and a little bit beyond. By combining both I created the Mustache Chair with the mustache as a handle.



The back of a fairly common school chair is attached with two conspicuous screws (eyes!). Then the mouth can also fall open: pacman ehh Backman! This drawing is indebted to an earlier 2018 entitled (S) Eat.


Pinocchio III


Pinocchio and Pinocchio II preceded it. Pinocchio shows its unbridled growth here and can no longer be blocked by any frame. Gepetto’s intervention is required!


Pinocchio II


The three-point backrest of Cees Braakman’s chair SB02 for Pastoe gives it human traits through the three circles. Eyes and nose or eyes and mouth, just how you represent it. The disc of round wood with which the screw openings are concealed can grow back and compared to my earlier Pinocchio it has a real nose that has actually grown.

Encounter II


Cees Braakman’s SB02 appears to miss a mouth when he meets this school chair with a striking recess in the backrest. Thus this schoolchair may now realize that he/she is missing ‘something’, although he/she is not able to see it. But we do! See also Pair.



The SB02, designed by Cees Braakman for Pastoe, with the characteristic circles in the backrest, offers plenty of opportunities to associate with. These circles hide the attachment for the backrest. However, they also form a face for those who look slightly differently. If such an opening is stopped with a round wood, Pinocchio actually appears automatically.