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Modern Devotion V

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Three linocuts in a triptych in the shape of a laptop. Where in the Middle Ages the (well-to-do) traveler had an altar in his pocket to raise his prayers (devoutly) at the agreed times, today’s commuter has his laptop. He usually folds it out immediately after taking a seat in public transport or park to disappear completely into it: modern devotion.



Many chairs are seen from the side without any depth effect, purely as a silhouette, still immediately recognizable. That quality combined with the ability to stack them, if not in real life at least mentally, in a manner similar to my earlier linocut Stacking, yielded this image. Shapes run into each other over residual forms play a role and form a lively graphic image.
No chair occurs twice and so this is a true tower of Babel with all unique building blocks.

Stacking II


After Stacking from 2002, I wanted to see if there would be a different dynamic by adding a print run to the very rigid choice I made there. I also switched from a one point of view (side view only) to two. Obviously because of the logic of two print runs.


Starting point: a 40 x 40 lino plate and one template of a chair, off course my most familiar one: the one from my parental home. Stack this space from below as structurally correct as possible so that there is as little residual space as possible at the top. I estimated that this could produce an interesting graphic pattern.


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Book with graphics by 7 artists who all made work with the poetry collection ‘Until death at sea’ by Peter Swanborn as a starting point.
In addition to me, the following artists participated and so graphics can be found in this book: Iris van Dongen, Henk Tichelaar, Linda Zwart, José op ten Berg, Francine Steegs and my wife Sofia Ramselaar.