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Original price was: €45.00.Current price is: €30.00.

A special offer for this occasion because during Huntenkunst 2024 you can purchase both books in one purchase for only 30 euros. And I’ll sign them for you too.

Book ‘Playfull’ with original drawing


The book Playfull perspectives contains an empty page and that is not because I ran out of drawings or that it is a ‘design thing’. The page is reserved to make a drawing. It was one of my more successful actions in my crowdfunding campaign. And as every disadvantage has its advantage, I can also make a drawing for you on this page! It goes without saying that the book will then be signed. A unique gift, especially for art and book lovers and/or fans of my works.

Playfull perspectives


Hard cover and full color book with 96 pages. Conversation with Herman Kuypers recorded by art historian Kees Verbeek. Almost all pencil drawings made by the artist arranged in a particularly beautiful and original way by designer Victor de Leeuw from The Hague.
Publisher: Van Spijk Art Books.

Stranded (double card with envelope)


Map of my painting Stranded published in England. Nice card in heavy quality with a nice matching envelope.

Presentation (double card with envelope)

Special card because of the opening in the ‘cover page’. With envelope. Limited stock.

All in the family


Hard-cover and full-color book has 96 pages with textual contributions by Chris Manders ( former director of the Academy for Visual Education Tilburg and former art critic of the Eindhovens Dagblad) and Jos Wilbrink (former director of N.B.K.S./adviser BKKC). A column from the Volkskrant (2006) of the late Martin Bril and a poem by Erica Rekers have also been included by , in addition to countless images. These are predominantly thematically arranged here and there interspersed with sources of inspiration.
The design was provided by Helma van Bergeijk van Held’r werk work from Breda.
Publisher: Van Spijk Art Books.

Folder with 12 Postcards

A folder with 12 postcards that have been published over the years.

Pas de deux IV (double card with envelope)


Beautiful double card with envelope. Only a few copies left.

The forgotten chair

Original price was: €20.00.Current price is: €5.00.

Overview of my work published in 2003.
64 pages full color with texts by Chris Manders (former director of the Academy for Visual Education Tilburg) and Bert Diphooren (art critic Dagblad Tubantia).
Only a few copies left!
Drukkerij Van Spijk BV Venlo


Original price was: €275.00.Current price is: €125.00.

Book with graphics by 7 artists who all made work with the poetry collection ‘Until death at sea’ by Peter Swanborn as a starting point.
In addition to me, the following artists participated and so graphics can be found in this book: Iris van Dongen, Henk Tichelaar, Linda Zwart, José op ten Berg, Francine Steegs and my wife Sofia Ramselaar.