Herman Kuypers

A chair is not a chair until you can sit on it

No idea who actually made this statement, but it crossed my mind at once when I saw the work made by Herman Kuypers (Velden, 1965). While his drawings and watercolours seem to depict chairs, that is not what they are, according to this quotation. He himself – mindful of Magritte’s Ceci n’est pas une pipe – writes next to one of his chair-like objects, which bears a suspiciously close resemblance to a Rietveld chair from 1934: ‘I’m not a chair’.

Kees Verbeek 2019


A real exhibition at school?

It's now possible with Stapelding.

Drawings and paintings with only chairs. All of them. That seems very boring, but nothing could be further from the truth when you come face to face with Stapelding.

Sometimes the chairs are the building blocks of a huge tower, at other times they are themselves or a playground. Sometimes they even take on animal or human features, they come to life.

After all, who hasn't played with chairs? And can a chair also lounge? And is that called a lounger?

Stapelding offers a chair for the children, but takes it back as easily. First, of course, the children look at the exhibition and then we get to work with the class.

We make a kind of mise en scène, we dance, play games and of course draw. The accompanying box contains all necessary materials. The manual and some presentations will also be sent by email in advance.

Stapelding is a careful selection from the many pencil drawings and watercolor paintings that artist Herman Kuypers has made over the last years.

Stapelding is delivered with education and set up and dismantled at school as agreed.

Prior to this, an information and inspiration meeting is provided for the teachers of the classes where Stapelding is programmed.



These paintings I have made over the last years for various clients. Of course with my favorite watercolor paint.


An overview of pencil drawings I've made in the last years on commission or as a gift.


An absolutely original and super-personal gift for your partner, colleague, business relation or good friend?


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We have now been able to smell the spring again. More than that! Circumstances meant that I only now come up with a news item…

Playfull perspectives

The fascination with chairs arises at the Academy for Visual Design. He graduates in drawing and painting and starts his two-year final project phase by drawing objects from his immediate environment. ‘A plinth, a wall socket, a plant, window frame, table, chair. The final two items in particular gave rise to play. We all did so as children, of course. Put three chairs in a row and the train departed. Cover them with some sheets and you’ve got a shelter. It was mostly the shape, though. They have a front and a back, so you get a three-dimensional e ect. That first chair drawing was at once a play with that perspective. I drew the leg at the back before a rung. I s ll like to create such distor ons. As in Pas de deux XII. It works out slightly different from what viewers would expect. Playfulness, humour, breaking patterns ...  I love that. People often speak high-faluting words about art, but you should also see the fun of it.’

tekst: Kees Verbeek (uit het boek Playful perspectives)

Herman Kuypers 'All in the family' - selected works 1989 - 2016

Hard-cover and full-color book has 96 pages with texts by Chris Manders (former director of the Academy for Visual Education Tilburg and former art critic of the Eindhovens Dagblad) and Jos Wilbrink (former director of N.B.K.S.). A column from the Volkskrant (2006) of the late columnist Martin Bril  and a poem by Erica Rekers have also been included. This among countless imagesof course. The images are predominantly thematically arranged and here and there interspersed with sources of inspiration.

Price: € 27,50


12 lessons - Wednesday evening 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm
drawing and painting course.

start January 27, 2021 (if enough interest)

Price: € 195.00 (including basic materials)

In this course drawing, painting and watercolors are the main techniques I teach. In the inspiring atmosphere of my own studio and in a small group we explore the elementary ins and outs of the artistic spectrum. In a relaxed atmosphere you get to work seriously, have fun and you'll be taken away from your every-day worries.


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