There are roles that we all know. Which we all use several times a day. Also paper indeed. Material that is also very important to me in another way. I draw on it and I also work with it in some of my drawings. See, for example, Blend also from 2024. But working on this drawing associations with other more mythical roles pop up in my head. Roles, or better scrolls, that are also an important part of our culture. Scrolls that belong to the oldest carriers of knowledge, of writing: The Dead Sea Scrolls. Other scrolls have also been in the news recently. Scrolls that became charred and buried under lava, rocks and ash as a result of the eruption of Vesuvius some two thousand years ago. Thanks to the ingenious use of artificial intelligence and scanning techniques, we can now read parts of it. I like to connect extremes (King, Emperor, Admiral… popla* knows them all) and like to play with the relationship between words and images. Check for example, Stoelgang elsewhere on this website, which is most applicable in this context. Two wheelchairs, a drawing I made in 2023 could also be called a precursor. In this way I share my knowledge with a role for every chair.

*Popla was a dutch manufacturer of toiletpaper/toilet rolls and this link leads to a (dutch) television commercial dating from the eighties.

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57,7 x 20,0 x 10,8 cm