A failed attack

A failed attack


Of course this follows on from my earlier drawing The Attack. But why saw four legs at the same time? Anyone who has delved a little deeper into my work knows my love for cartoons. This is clearly evident in Strip, for example. Those four synchronized sawyers are of course the Daltons and not so much the real ones from the Wild West but those of cartoonist Morris, the inventor of Lucky Luke. Four legs, four crooks, with that I started and while searching for an appropriate chair I got stuck again at Gerrit Rietveld’s Military Chair. So far so good, but when I literally finished the drawing it occurred to me that I had overlooked a ‘detail’. The real Daltons date from the second part of the 19th century and this chair by Rietveld is from 1923, which is roughly half a century apart. Truly a failed attack.

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40 x 30 x 4,8 cm