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The long march III

“We see a kind of section from a massive and all but endless row of swaying and wobbling chairs. The reference to the founder of the Chinese Communist Party in the 1920s, Mao Tse-Tung, is evident. Nevertheless such a title also allows thoughts about other large-scale migrations of living creatures. Think of the wildebeest in the African plains, or flows of refugees, escaping from whatever atrocities.” (from Chairs and Titles by Chris Manders in All in the Family, 2016)

Horizont II

Original price was: €1,750.00.Current price is: €1,000.00.

Reflect on the horizon.

Perpetuüm mobile II

A backrest of a chair casts its shadow. This twists with the turning of the sun. By fixing that shadow, you capture something of the moment, and one more and another. Around the clock and again the next day, etcetera.
See also Zenith, Vault en Perpetuüm mobile III.

The last supper II


In the Last Supper I make use of the shadow as a narrative part of the image. In Shadowdancing and Shadowdancing II I reduced the shapes by choosing the position straight from above, almost to a geometric shape. Due to the use of light (contrast) they light up like a kind of jewelry. Here, the 12 jewels are arranged around an oval table and, in particular because of their shadow, they give off some of their appearance.


Shadowdancing II

In my opinion, the smaller work Shadowdancing called for a more monumental but above all more colorful edition. More colorful to do more justice to a dancing or disco with many colors of light in a dark room. And with everyone present just as colorfully ‘dressed to impress’, so to speak.
See also Shadowdancing III.

Conspiracy IV


A table lit from above casts its shadow on the floor in an otherwise dark room that reveals nothing else. The chairs are quite recognizable because of the shade. Have a seat?


Starting point: a 40 x 40 lino plate and one template of a chair, off course my most familiar one: the one from my parental home. Stack this space from below as structurally correct as possible so that there is as little residual space as possible at the top. I estimated that this could produce an interesting graphic pattern.



(Not for sale)

What do you give as a present when your other half gets a chair? Of course a chair. It was up to me to fix it. An enormous amount of knowledge needs to find shelter. Can’t the seat also be seen as the roof of a chair? Then all that knowledge can accumulate under that roof or brain pan. Obviously, in such a position, that knowledge must also be shared from time to time and this is also provided for.

Circle time

The first time circle. During an exhibition I saw the work Four windows van Jan Dibbets again. The dynamic that a perspective figure like a parallelogram or an ellipse can get by isolating it like Dibbets does, that was also what I had in mind. I set my goal to place a circle of chairs in such a way that they become degenerate. The environment is just as ambiguous as the shapes themselves. Space? Water? Mirroring? Movement?
Because of the cyclical I decided to use 12 chair backs, later when I checked the dictionary time circle turned out to exist as a word in astronomy.

Duet I

Actually, I literally found these schoolchairs on a sunny day somewhere in a gallery. So in my oeuvre this is actually a bit of an outsider because ‘only’ directly more or less made from observation. See also other duets such as Duet II and Duet III and certainly also the Pas de Deux series.