Circle time

Circle time


The first time circle. During an exhibition I saw the work Four windows van Jan Dibbets again. The dynamic that a perspective figure like a parallelogram or an ellipse can get by isolating it like Dibbets does, that was also what I had in mind. I set my goal to place a circle of chairs in such a way that they become degenerate. The environment is just as ambiguous as the shapes themselves. Space? Water? Mirroring? Movement?
Because of the cyclical I decided to use 12 chair backs, later when I checked the dictionary time circle turned out to exist as a word in astronomy.


Soon after this followed Circle time II en later Circle time III, IV, V, VI, VII en IIX.
The work was purchased by Koninklijke Martens kunststoffen BV in Oosterhout.

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139 x 120 x 4