Escher in Oirschot IV

Escher in Oirschot IV


Is a frame drawn here to select a part for editing or an image, as is done on a computer? Or is the drawn chair growing out of its jacket?

Reluctantly, the maker here enters the third dimension and at the same time it remains a drawing on the wall. What is another list and how and when do you use it?


The name ‘Oirschots’ comes from the place of the same name Oirschot. This type of chair, including variants, has been manufactured there since 1858. The design was borrowed from American chairs and was lighter and more comfortable than the widely used button chair. It led to a boom of manufacturers in Oirschot. As a reminder of that time, the largest wooden chair in Europe stands in the village.

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43 x 27,5 x 1,8