Car chair

Car chair


A very generous contribution to the crowdfunding ‘Make my book’ at Voor de Kunst that led to the publication of the book ‘Playfull perspectives‘ needed a generous response of course. This book is entirely devoted to my pencil drawings. If you are active in the transport world then you would prefer to see something of it in return. So there appeared as an attachment in the mail some photos of an oversized vehicle: a GMC Denali. It was said quite lightly ‘or something with a car seat’. Well, sometimes you shouldn’t make things too difficult and just take it as it comes. In this case I literally mixed a drawing of a car (of course the GMC Denali) with that of a chair. It goes without saying that this also had to be an oversized specimen. However, upholstered with a pattern clearly derived from North American Indians as seat cover. Depending on the position you choose in relation to the drawing, see the GMC, the chair or a mixture of both. Car seat and no car seat.

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50 x 70 x 2



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