A special gift, my website is full of it. Then why this page? This page gives some addition ideas and suggestions. First, one of the works can seamlessly tie in with the intended recipient's profession or hobby. Barber? How about 'Looking back'? Is of course also perfect for a psychologist. Or for someone who, more generally, is quite concerned with his appearance. Or a family where a second child has just been born: Family Portrait II. A couple getting married: Pas de deux XI. Or for a more adventurous couple, who do rock & roll dancing, for example? Pas de deux X. In this list, this link should not be missing: Playfully with original drawing. Of course I can also make a custom drawing. For a poet for example: Pen and hole. Or when I only receive an image of the favorite chair: Framed IV. Or a Family portrait. This has come about in a kind of dialogue.

Telepathie'20 in doos
Braakman's blik in doos'20

Delivered complete

The present in question will be appropriately packaged and shipped, see the images. If desired, provided with an enclosed letter which, if preferred, can also be supplied by you. From € 100, - there will also be a signed copy of my book 'Playful perspectives'. A number of the options mentioned can be ordered and delivered directly through the store without any problems, for the others we make a planning.


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