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The holidays are of course the time to come up with a super original gift. I have already listed some options for you here. Traditionally, December is a festive month for giving and receiving gifts, starting with… Sinterklaas (in the Netherlands that is). But I am expanding the options on the gift page regarding the holidays. First of all, there is the contact page that I would like to point out if you have specific questions and especially to indicate when, for example, the delivery address is different from yours. As an extra service, I can also supply a Sinterklaas or Christmas poem on request! Choosing something for yourself can sometimes be difficult, let alone when you do it for someone else, but it is always possible to change for another item. If you really can't figure it out, I can fabricate an original signed and written gift certificate and send it to you or the "victim".

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Search engine: Win a drawing?

The coming dark days could become extra dark due to social limitations. Thrown back to your inner circle, I hope to be able to provide some relief. Why not become a search engine that is put to work by me. I share with you a detail from one of the works from the website and you're going to search it. Write down the number of the detail with the title of the work. I will keep this up throughout the Christmas period starting from Saturday December 19. The last detail will follow January 3, 2021. The answers can be sent by e-mail to me until January 8. Among the good answers I will raffle one drawing worth € 275 (you can also choose yourself) and two gift vouchers of € 50 and € 25 respectively. You can participate via the link below, please mention 'search engine'.

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We have now been able to smell the spring again. More than that! Circumstances meant that I only now come up with a news item…


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