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Levelen IV


In the series of ‘levelen’ this is also literally the next level because this time it consists of three layers. Once again indebted to the unsurpassed tubular frame chair, and more specifically the one made from one tube. Ode again to Mart Stam as far as I’m concerned. This chair lends itself particularly well in an isometric grid, see previous works such as Descendants and Descendants II. The isometric system, also known as ‘Japanese perspective’, is particularly known by MC Escher, who based many of his works on it.

Shades of grey


Step out of the shadows. When does a shadow cross into the tangible world? Is that possible? You can at least make the eye believe that. Albeit only very briefly, because then the ratio always comes into play.

It makes a difference that you can go through this ‘process’ again and again, that certainly contributes to the durability of the work.



Anyone who has ever played pacman will probably understand that from time to time the teeth have to be inserted somewhere. Especially if you have already encountered the Backman drawing in my digital display. The first and only thing that is in the immediate vicinity is the list …

Framing Rietveld V


The smallest in a series of Framing Rietveld’s. The first one from 2017 is the starting point for the series. I made this one with four others for above the ‘bed’ of the ‘and breakfast’ in gallery B&B-De Kunstpraktijk in Veldhoven, as part of my exhibition there in the summer of 2019. Exhibited with five as ‘Sleep’: a good night’s rest assured!
See Framing Rietveld, Framing Rietveld II, III en IV.

Stranded (double card with envelope)


Map of my painting Stranded published in England. Nice card in heavy quality with a nice matching envelope.

Portrait 34


The 34th portrait of a chair by the backrest. The first nine in this series date back to 2011, after that it was ‘quiet’ in this area until nine new ones appeared in 2017. Followed by another twelve in 2018 and finally another three in 2019. I are usually show them in a group or also as small accents between other pencil drawings. See Portrait 42 and 43.


Stranded II

After depicting the charm of the pattern of these beach chairs in Stranded, including the drop shadows of the chairs on the sand, I realized that by using the cutting technique I discovered in the work Rietveld,  I could create the shadows by using real light itself.

Presentation (double card with envelope)

Special card because of the opening in the ‘cover page’. With envelope. Limited stock.

Folder with 12 Postcards

A folder with 12 postcards that have been published over the years.

Chair in heaven


Three tubular frame handrails are forged together into a whole: a trinity. By painting (partly) vertically with generous paint, drippers have been created that in any case visually perceive the role of the legs. However, color and dripping technique also make an association with blood inevitable. Does this symbolize the suffering wrought in the name of the Trinity?

Pas de deux IV (double card with envelope)


Beautiful double card with envelope. Only a few copies left.