Stapelding in de aula van basisschool De Lage Weide in Made

Stapelding to Oosterhout

From Thursday 17 September until the the week before Christmas Stapelding will travel to five schools in Oosterhout (near Breda). Primary school De Kameleon, Kindcentrum De Ontdekking, SBO De Wissel, RKBS Marcoen and OBS Rubenshof will host this exhibition this autumn.

On the 17th of September we kick off with an information and inspiration session at primary school De Kameleon.


Planning Stapelding

After Oosterhout, Stapelding will tour along the schools in Gemert, Bakel and Boekel from January to July 2021.

 For school year 2021 - 2022 there is already an option for schools in Waalwijk.

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