Workshop at secondary schools

Workshop at secondary schools


A workshop in the classroom about techniques and/or themes that I often use. I have a number of more or less standard programs, all of which are directly related to my work, both in terms of content and material. The core of this is associating, different perspectives and material exploration.

Those who take a look at my drawings Comic or Telepathy, for example, will not be surprised that we can start drawing cartoons after an introduction. Or associate with shapes to text. See for example Z onder Titel and Seats for black holes.

Standard duration 1.5 hours

Price: € 90, –


Of course it is also possible to provide a tailor-made workshop, in line with certain themes. In that case I charge an additional 1.5 hours of preparation costs on top of the starting rate of 1.5 hours.

In consultation I can also provide the necessary materials (of course they will be charged). Usually this comes down to around € 1.50 to € 2.00 per student. I will of course make an offer in advance.