Exit I

Exit I


“I have received your work in good order. How nice of you to send a book with it.
I found you because I googled ‘Oirschotse chair’. I grew up in Oirschot and have always continued to come there until my father recently passed away. I looked for a memento of my beautiful old village, but there is little to be found and what you come across is very old-fashioned. This work of yours immediately appealed to me, especially because there is humor in it, because that suits my father. I am very happy with it, it will have a nice place in my living room.”

(according to the buyer of this work)

See also the related works Exit II, III, IVEscher in Oirschot II and Stairway to Heaven.

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27,2 x 20,5 x 1,3 cm