Stacking chairs II

Stacking chairs II

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At the beginning of this century I already drew a pencil drawing based on this triangle. The triangle is named after the British mathematician and physicist Roger Penrose, but was first drawn in 1934 by the Swede Oscar Reutersvärd. I therefore called that pencil drawing ‘To Reutersvärd’. Because in my paintings, in contrast to the pencil drawings, I somehow have to ‘do something’ with the background, the environment, this concept did not lend itself to a painting in my view. The spatial gain that I achieve by mounting the shape (s) separately from the background, as in Babels end and Babels end II, for example, also offered opportunities for a Penrose triangle with Stacking Chairs. Et voilà.


In the collection of Kunstuitleen Alkmaar. Work can be bought there, that is if not leased.

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 88 × 78 × 5 cm


87 x 76 x 3,5 cm


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