Mixed up III

Mixed up III


Suppose you have trouble throwing things away. Who knows, every leftover can ever be used for something else. However, practice has also shown that many of those leftovers turn out to be just too small, thick, wrong in color, atmosphere or width and thus remain where they lie and slowly disappear from view, and end up in obscurity. A rigorous clean-up action usually seals the fate of these things. From a chair that I once literally slumped through, I have had some legs for years. That is how these chairs were created. As a kind of mental exercise, browsing through my chair books, I collected some parts here and there and assembled them into this two-seater.

And due to all the picture frames I have made over the years I had quite a lot small pieces of frames left… Then one and one is three isn’t it?

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 48 × 44 × 3 cm


46 x 40 x 2,5 cm