Quartet II

Quartet II


Patterns of the crowd. Seats in an empty stadium or theater gently sloping for optimal visibility. The choice for this extremely horizontal format has everything to do with this and further increases the tension between the quartet and the audience in the hall. The chosen color scheme and the contrast in it underline this.
For all the chairs (except for the quartet) three molds are used, left, frontal and right.


Four is a number that I often end up with for various reasons. We formed a quartet with my two brothers and sister. My own family now consists of four people. I was also born on January 4th.
It is a very symmetrical number and that often comes in handy.
See also Conspiracy IIKunstbeschouwing and Quartet.
Currently included in the collection of Kunstuitleen Alkmaar.

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Weight 12 kg


48 x 137,2 x 2