Escher in Oirschot

Escher in Oirschot


Made in the first of my two graduation years at the Academy for Visual Education in Tilburg. In the kitchen of (my wife) Sofia’s student house there was such an Oirschot chair. Playing with that chair’s shape, this variant emerged, a trifle with major consequences. I didn’t know at the time that it was called that, but one of the teachers at the academy dropped that name. The combination between  in this case a drawing and a title that offers a clue arose then. My sense of language and associative ability join the maker and loose is the bear.
Recently I made Escher in Oirschot II. Very different and yet also very related.


Escher, of course, because of the Dutch graphic artist Maurits Escher, who also took pleasure in playing with perspective in his prints.

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52 x 41 x 1,3