Thinking about…

Thinking about…


One of the first members of the artists’ association Hoorn a.s. (that ‘and surroundings’ extends as far as at least Tilburg apparently) has come up with the idea of choosing a work from those members and having the other members respond to it with a work. No one else had any influence on the clutch. Everything was shown at the ‘Encounters’ exhibition in De Boterhal in Hoorn in honor of the association’s 50th anniversary. The Boterhal is the permanent operating base. I was handed a work by Paul Stap. Polychromed wood which he found in his backyard. Paul is (has been) a passionate diver.

‘Thinking of…’ is my reaction to the work of Paul Stap and was therefore shown at the exhibition.

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47 x 41 x 1,3 cm