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Backside flip III

A kind of mirrored chair. Or is it two chairs? Two chairs with a twist, maybe gymnastics or dancing? A backside flip!

Mirror II

A somewhat atypical diptych where the boundary of what is a list and what it is for is scanned.
This work is only part of a series in which I explore the phenomenon of reflection in a fairly dry way. See also Mirror en Bath.

Cross beam


Familiar elements combined in a somewhat less common way can nevertheless result in new seating furniture. We have known transverse lying much longer than transverse thinking. However?

Parallel world

Familiar elements mounted and connected in a somewhat different way. This mental exercise holds up well on the flat surface of the drawing paper. Hanging against the wall, this parallelogram can also be seen as a square in perspective.

Theatrum Anatomicum


(Not for sale)

A chair in ‘Evidence based surgery‘. When I received an assignment from that corner, I immediately thought of the Anatomical Theater. That is where medical knowledge was shared and in that sense a nice starting point in this regard. I turned the benches into chair backs. Reverse seats show their intestines.



Backlighting remains a fascinating thing and for a painter, especially with watercolors a huge challenge.
Reflections regularly occur in my work. But often with a twist, the apparently normal turns out to be chafing on closer inspection, but putting the finger on the ‘pain point’ is not that easy.

The long march III

“We see a kind of section from a massive and all but endless row of swaying and wobbling chairs. The reference to the founder of the Chinese Communist Party in the 1920s, Mao Tse-Tung, is evident. Nevertheless such a title also allows thoughts about other large-scale migrations of living creatures. Think of the wildebeest in the African plains, or flows of refugees, escaping from whatever atrocities.” (from Chairs and Titles by Chris Manders in All in the Family, 2016)

Duet I

Actually, I literally found these schoolchairs on a sunny day somewhere in a gallery. So in my oeuvre this is actually a bit of an outsider because ‘only’ directly more or less made from observation. See also other duets such as Duet II and Duet III and certainly also the Pas de Deux series.