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The long march III

“We see a kind of section from a massive and all but endless row of swaying and wobbling chairs. The reference to the founder of the Chinese Communist Party in the 1920s, Mao Tse-Tung, is evident. Nevertheless such a title also allows thoughts about other large-scale migrations of living creatures. Think of the wildebeest in the African plains, or flows of refugees, escaping from whatever atrocities.” (from Chairs and Titles by Chris Manders in All in the Family, 2016)

Duet I

Actually, I literally found these schoolchairs on a sunny day somewhere in a gallery. So in my oeuvre this is actually a bit of an outsider because ‘only’ directly more or less made from observation. See also other duets such as Duet II and Duet III and certainly also the Pas de Deux series.

Conspiracy II

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Four chairs riveted together, conspired with their shadows thrown menacingly forward.
Also take a look at Conspiracy IV, the pencil drawing Circle and Brotherhood.


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Book with graphics by 7 artists who all made work with the poetry collection ‘Until death at sea’ by Peter Swanborn as a starting point.
In addition to me, the following artists participated and so graphics can be found in this book: Iris van Dongen, Henk Tichelaar, Linda Zwart, José op ten Berg, Francine Steegs and my wife Sofia Ramselaar.