Presentation 'Playfull perspectives' in Lochal Tilburg October the 13th 

"Playfull perspectives" is th title of my latest book.  
The official presentation is on Sunday the 13th of October. We start at 14:30h and 15:00h arthistorian Kees Verbeek will lead us into the world of the chairs. A world created by Herman Kuypers in roughly 30 years now. This will take place in De Kennismakerij in the famos Lochal in the centre of Tilburg. 
Afterwards I will thank some people, present the book and we'll have a drink. If interested I wil sign a copy of the book for you. Of course al lot of the pencildrawings on which the books is based, will be shown as well. 
Kennismakerij-Bibliotheek Midden-Brabant 
Burgemeester Brokxlaan 1000 
5041 SG Tilburg 
And last but not least I'll give al lecture on my work in galerie De Maaskamer in Rotterdam on Sunday the 27th of October. We'll start at 14:30h and of course there'll be plenty of attention for the new book. 
Order free tickets here
Galerie De Maaskamer 
Vincent Pieters en Ineke Vlug 
Westerkade 25 
3016 CM Rotterdam