Kick off, Jan Wouter heading for the piano and Hanneke for her oboe.

Jos Wilbrink speaching

Chris Manders and his 'Chairs and Titles' or Titles and chairs'...

Thanks to Hanneke and Jan-Wouter

The first book for my 90 year old dad Toon

Entering the exposition in the Leuvenzaal of the Hilvaria Studio's

Talking to Chris Manders and Jos Wilbrink in the Leuvenzaal

THe bookdesk run by my nieces Katinka Kuypers, Joske Steegh and Zita Zwart. Thanks girls great job!

Bookpresentation fantastic! 
Starting the program in the theatre called Kodakzaal with speaches of Jos Wilbrink and Chris Manders alternated by music played by Hanneke Ramselaar (oboe) and Jan Wouter Zwart (piano). Before moving to the exposition in the Leuvenzaal I offered the first book to my 90-year old dad. Then entering the exposition with a sparkling drink meanwhile talking about the works. 
All visitors thanks for helping make this an unforgettable day for me.