Herman Kuypers, All in the family
selected works 1989 - 2016
published june 2016

De vergeten stoel/The forgotten chair

Playfull perspectives 

just published! 
Hard-cover and fullcolor book 96 pages. Text by arthistorian Kees Verbeek, design by Victor de Leeuw. 
Almost all my pencildrawings. (size 210 x 185 mm.) 
? 17,50 (excl. shipping costs). 
Still available: All in the Family 
Hard-cover en fullcolor book 96 pages. Texts by Chris Manders (former director Akademie voor Beeldende Vorming Tilburg and former artcrtitic Eindhovens Dagblad) and Jos Wilbrink (former director N.B.K.S./advisor BKKC). A column of the late Martin Bril from the Volkskrant ( nov. 2006) and a pom of Erica Rekers are included as well. Off course most of the pages are filled with images most of them recent works. 
Together it gives a splendid insight in the world of the artist Herman Kuypers. 
The design is done by Helma van Bergeijk from the Breda studio Heldr werk. 
Van Spijk/Rekafa Publishers BV Venlo. (size 220 x 300 mm.) 
Price ? 27,50 (excl. shipping costs) 
The forgotten Chair 
In 2003 published book giving an overview of my work from 1989 upto 2002. 
64 full colour pages in dutch and english with texts of Chris Manders (former director of the Academie voor Beeldende Vorming Tilburg) and Bert Diphooren (art reviews in Dagblad Tubantia).  
(size 230x 300 mm.) 
Price 10,00 (excl. shipping-costs)