All in the Family at Huntenkunst 2008
pencil on paper in various formats and frames.

All in the Family 

Ever since 1997 I create irregularly small pencildrawings in all kinds of frames. The reason to make them is often quite playfull but mostly also as a kind of study.  
The first seven I exposed together in 1998 titled 'All in the Family' because this group of closely related objects looked like a family and all these different frames reminded me of the frames with picures of my cousins hanging on the mantelpiece of my grandmother.  
Each drawing can be bought separately. And in the meantime al lot of them are spread over Belgium, Germany and of course the Netherlands. Thus like in a real family the composition changes now and then. 
Of course it is no coincidence that the title also refers to a famous English television series which was also broadcasted in the Netherlands, starring Archie Bunker.