Workshop 'Escher in 3D' 
Pius X primaryschool Oss  2008
Impression of the presentation by the children

Workshop 'The Chair' 
primary school De Bolster Oss 2007
work from one of the children (8 years)
crayon and watercolour

I can give workshops and presentations for nearly all kinds of groups and all ages. I can do this on my own or in cooperation with other artists. Of course one can choose a theme related to my work but in general nearly anything goes as far as the subject is concerned. 
My great experience in theaching drawing, paiting and art in general garantees a vivid session. These workshops can be givven on site but I can also arrange a convinient location in addition. Of course consumptions ,lunches, diners, etc. can be arranged as well. 
Contact me for more information. 
Below a few examples of projecten/workshops. 
A presentation of my own work (powerpoint) enriched with real work brought on the occassion. I'll introduce you to my world constructed with and inhabited by all kind of chairs. An inspiring event giving an insight in the process which leads to these various works of art. A queer mixture of knowledge, expirience, craftsmanship, logic, associations, coincidence and graphic- and autobiographic elements. All presented in a streight, clear and humoresque way.  
Painting or drawing on the spot: in- or outdoor. For example in a forest, a village or city or in  
a church, museum or station. 
Workshops comics, perspective, stillife or modeldrawing or -painting. 
Small groups (up to 6 people) I can also receive in my own studio.